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The UKs largest independant steel profiler



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Rotary grinding up to 3200mm dia

Lumsden Grinding

Reciprocating Grinding up to 4877mm (L) & 610mm (W)

UK wide delivery

Main Services

Welcome to Malthouse Engineering

Malthouse Engineering specialise in flame cutting steel profiles. What makes us different from other profilers is that we can flame cut profiles from 5mm up to 500mm. We have 20 flame cutting machines across our group. All our profiling machines are able to cut with one or multiple heads meaning we can offer one offs or batch production runs. To see a range of profiles that have been cut please look through our flame cutting gallery which is on our flame cutting page.

To support our steel profiling service we also offer lumsden grinding, fabrication and heat treatment along with CNC machining. Our lumsden grinders are some of the biggest in the UK, in total we have 17 across our group. Our largest rotary grinder can grind to up 126 inches in diameter while our reciprocating grinders can go up to 192 inches in length. For more information please go to our grinding page. To provide a better understanding of what we do we have put together a gallery of flame cut profiles that have been ground, this is so on our lumsden grinding page. Through our in house furnace we can offer heat treatment processes such as normalising and stress relieving. Our fabrications services include bending, shearing and mig and tig welding.

Profiling a consistent and reliable service is important to us as a result we ensure that all our material is supplied with test certificates, in addition to this we hold the ISO9001 Quality Management accreditation. In recent years we have invested a lot of time into managing and reducing our impact on the environment including activities such as rainwater harvesting and recycling, this work is recognised as part of our ISO14001 Environmental Management accreditation.

For more information about what we do or to ask us to quote for a job you can call us on 0844 332 9341 or email sales@malthouseengineering.com.