As part of our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction each month we select customers at random and ask for some feedback. We are pleased to say that in February we achieved 100% customer satisfaction.

Customers were asked to rate our response to their enquiry. This month we saw a slight improvement in results with 27% satisfied, 18% very satisfied and 54% extremely satisfied. This improvement is primarily due to having the majority of our staff back in the office after some were out on sick leave last month.

We again achieved 100% in delivery satisfaction with 18% satisfied, 36% very satisfied and 45% extremely satisfied.

The overall level of satisfaction with our service remained high with 18% satisfied, 27% very satisfied and 54% extremely satisfied. We continued to be rated highly compared to other profilers that our customers have used recently with 88% of respondents saying we were better. Overall 81% of respondents said they would recommend us to a friend of colleague.

Additional comments included

Sales team extremely helpful and quick to respond to all enquiries


A very efficient and reliable Company. Our Company have been using them since before i started. Over 16 Years.


Thanks ever so much for the continued support, everyone really appreciates your help.


Sometimes quoting could be a little quicker – but deliveries usually pretty good once ordered

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