Large Flame Cut DiameterThis week we have been working on a regular job for a customer that manufactures pipes. This 2720mm large flame cut diameter is one of two flanges we have supplied to them in the last week. In the photos you can also see one of the 60 smaller flame cut diameters that go around the edge of the profile, these are 53mm in diameter.

We have previously supplied other flanges to the customer which were ground top and bottom in this case the customer just wanted the edges dressed which you can see happening in the photo on the right. This large flame cut diameter is profiled from S355J2+N material and is 140mm thick. In the photo you can see the full length of our thick material flame cutting bay with our heat treatment oven right at the top of the photo where we do our normalising and stress relieving,  you can also just see three of our rotary lumsden grinders.

Small flame cut hole

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