To support our flame cutting and lumsden grinding service we offer milling among a number of other services including heat treatment and fabrication. In the last week we have helped a customer who required a milled flame cut profile. As you can see in the photos below the job was substantial in size, overall it was a 1690mm x 900mm flame cut from 190mm thick S275 steel. We have then set it on our elgamill milling machine to mill a 32 ½ mm step up the length.

This is one of a number we have done for the customer, they have an unusual use in that they will be part of the cladding to dampen the impact of a laser. The photos below show the machine half way through the job. In them you can see the size of the profile plus the step that’s being milled.

If you have an unusual job or even a standard one that needs flame cutting, lumsden grinding, fabrication, heat treating or indeed milling then get in touch with paul for further information on how we can help you