Dear Customers;

We very much hope you and your family are keeping safe and well during these uncertain times and like us all look forward to the current situation improving in the coming weeks.

 As you will be aware from my previous correspondence of the 3rd April, our factory was closed with all our staff being put onto Furlough leave due to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases that were occurring.

 We like many other companies experienced the weight which this pandemic was having upon our NHS and felt dutiful to do the right thing.

 With the level of uncertainty still very apparent throughout the country and many other parts of the world, we have taken a very good look at our current situation with both the business but more importantly our staff.

 Malthouse, suppliers to over 42 different industries, who continue to satisfy customer’s requirements for steel profiles more than 75 years after its formation, has never had to deal with a situation as unprecedented as the one that each and every business throughout the UK is currently dealing with.

 During our closure period it has given us time to reflect and put additional measures in place to continue to help keep our staff safe and allow us to unreservedly return to what we do best in the production and supply of steel profiles.

With that said we will be returning to full production from 7.30am on the 27th April 2020 and continuing with our 24 hour shift pattern throughout all departments.

On behalf of the Group, thank you for your patience during our closure period and we very much hope that our country and the rest of the world can soon get back towards some form of normality.

As always, take care, keep safe and look after your loved ones.

 Kind Regards

Paul Taylor

The Malthouse Group

Tel:-0121 557 8455