As well as being the UK’s largest independent flame cutter we also offer Lumsden Grinding with our a large range of Grinders across our 3 sites.
We offer both rotary grinding which is ideal for large areas and rings along with reciprocating grinding which is better suited to bar and long profiles.
The Lumsden Grinding process is a relatively simple one, but it takes skill to set the machine in order to get the required accuracy. The bed of the grinding machine is essentially a big magnet which holds the steel profile in place. The engineer then precisely measures out the required thickness using a Vernier height gauge.
A copper strip is then placed between two electrodes at the required thickness. Rotating grinding stones are then used removing material at each pass. To reduce over heating metal working fluid is mixed with water. As more and more of the material is ground away the stones start to lower until the copper strip itself is ground away stopping the feed. The profile is then cleaned up and moves on to the next process.
Our range of rotary grinders span from 36 inch diameter up to 126 inch (with overhang).
Our reciprocating grinding capacity is 192 inch (4877mm) with overhang x 26.25 inch (667mm).
We offer surface grinding on both material flame cut by us, but also offer a free issue service. Accuracy achieved by our lumsden grinders is standard +/- 0.25mm (10 thou) and if required an accuracy of +/- 0.12mm (5 thou) can be achieved. Our flat / parallel tolerance is within 0.04mm to 0.05mm per running 300mm (1.5 to 2 thou per running foot).
To support our Lumsden Grinding service we also offer a range of post profiling services which include fabrication, Flame cutting and heat treatment.

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