Quality Policy


The Director and Senior Managers are committed to providing a high standard of service to all customers. Senior staff understand their responsibilities in ensuring the processes and requirements of the quality management system are communicated with and understood by all members of the company.

Commitment to Quality
Quality is integral to all our working practices.  We believe that it is critical to the success of our business.  The key elements of our approach to Quality are based on the following Quality Principles:

Customer focus
We depend on our customers and are committed to supplying them with high quality products and
services that conform to their requirements.  Our aim is always to meet or exceed their expectations.

The Senior Management Team are committed to maintaining compliance with all statutory, regulatory, legislative and contractual requirements.  We will provide an internal environment in which our people can become fully involved in achieving the organisation’s quality objectives.

Engagement of people
We aim to recruit & retain highly motivated, competent people. Our people are seen as our most important resource.  We encourage their full involvement in order to develop their abilities for the benefit of the individual and the company.

Process approach
We will manage our activities and resources as a series of planned processes to produce the right product, at the right time with minimum wastage, while seeking to maximise efficiency.  Our individual processes will be structured into a documented Quality Management System which meets the requirements for BS EN 9001:2015 .

We are committed to the continuous improvement of the services that we provide and to the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.  We will set clear quality objectives and monitor our progress towards their successful achievement. We will conduct audits and record non conformities with the aim of making improvements where needed to ensure the consistent provision of customer satisfaction.

Evidence based decision making
We will measure our performance in key activities using data provided by department managers and use the data collected to make informed and effective decisions on how to improve our processes.

Relationship management
As an organisation and its clients, suppliers and collaborative business partners are interdependent.  We will seek to develop mutually beneficial relationships to improve Quality leading to greater reliability, enhanced services and increased efficiency.

Our QMS is externally audited by BSI and has been certified as meeting the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management Systems listed within the scope of our certificate.

Dr Roy Taylor
Managing Director, Malthouse Engineering Co. Ltd.                                                                                        QR73/3 Issue 4