Steel profiling consists of manipulating and cutting a steel surface to meet a customer’s specifications. The definition is deliberately loose, as we pride ourselves on offering a bespoke service which is designed to give our customers the finished product they require, whatever the application.

Steel Profiling at Malthouse Engineering

Malthouse Engineering is the largest independent steel profiling company in the United Kingdom, with five sites across the country, more than 100 employees and a turnover of more than £12 million. As such, we are perfectly placed to provide steel profiling services to a number of different industries for a range of applications. We have the capacity to provide for both smaller and much larger projects, using our experience and expertise to ensure that the project is completed at a cost-effective price and with unrivalled quality.

As well as our general steel profiling services, we can offer MIG, TIG and coded welding, fabrication up to 5 tonnes, folding and drilling facilities and fabrication in various grades of material. We also offer flame cutting and edge machining — effectively allowing us to manipulate steel for whatever your needs may be. It is this flexibility that makes us the biggest independent steel profiling company in the country.

We can cut thicknesses and profiles from 5mm up to 500mm in a range of materials and have one of the largest rotary Lumsden grinders in the UK. We have 15 rotary Lumsden grinders in total, with a fantastic tolerance accuracies, helping to make us the leading provider of Lumsden grinding services in the United Kingdom.

We are strategically based in the West Midlands, allowing us to service all corners of the United Kingdom with ease, whether you require a small off-the-shelf order or a much larger bespoke project. As the largest steel profiler in the UK, we are perfectly placed to meet your needs, regardless of the size of your project or the location of your company. We also have premises across the country to handle more localised or specialised projects, making it much easier to ensure your project is completed efficiently and exceeds your expectations.

To speak to us about the services we offer and to find out more, call our team of specialist customer service staff on 0844 332 9341 or enquire through our website. One of our team will be more than happy to get in touch and answer any questions you might have.