BRoy Taylor and Brian Bellrian is planning to leave from Tipton on the 25th April and head to Macclesfield cycling over 5 hours and 65 miles. From there he will head to Garstang in Lancashire, another 5 hours and 65 miles of cycling. Day three will be to Kendal travelling 3 hours and 38 miles. From Kendal its to Cummdersale, 49 miles in just over 4 hours. Then on to Penton in Cumbria, 18 miles and just under 2 hours. The final days cycling will be 76 miles in just under 7 hours up Burnmouth. The plan is to arrive on Sunday 30th April in time for the RNLI brae race day.

Brian is a very keen cyclist and always wanted to cycle to Scotland. He supports other charities like the Air Ambulance. His inspiration for raising money for the RNLI comes both from his friends who go to sea in their own boats but also from seeing all the volunteers around the UK that give their time to save lives. He is also motivated by the number of lifeboat stations that are closing because of the lack of funding.

A lot of time and effort has gone into the building of a custom trailer for his bike and planning the route. Malthouse Engineering has supported Brian by buying a satnav system.

Brians target is £3000, if you would like to donate you can go to his go fund me page here